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COVID-19 PROTOCOLS. May 10-2020

We are pleased to announce that we are back in operation as of May 10, albeit with some restrictions.

In order to comply with Provincial health regulations and to ensure the best attempt is made at keeping our students, renters and staff, safe and healthy, Winnipeg Aviation will be implementing the following procedures.

These procedures will remain in effect until successive phases are introduced by the Provincial health authorities.

Please note that Winnipeg Aviation cannot control the social activities of our staff and students, and therefore cannot guarantee or imply to the safety of our customers in regards to COVID-19. ENTERING ONTO OUR PREMISES AND/OR AIRCRAFT, CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF ANY HEALTH RISKS.


Do not come to Winnipeg Aviation if:

You are experiencing COVID symptoms.

You have a persistent cough OR are filing ill in any way.

You have been in contact with anyone that is, or has been, infected with COVID-19.

You or anyone in your household has travelled outside of Manitoba within the last 14 days


We will not conduct training if we feel that you are ill or unwell.

There will be a limit of 4 customers in the school at one time. Seating has been arranged to maintain 2 meter separation.

Only one customer per flight. If you arrive with a friend or family member, kindly ask them to wait outside or in the car.

If you arrive early, kindly wait outside or in your car- phone us and advise that you have arrived and we will call you back when we can accept you.

If you are coming to pick up supplies, please pre- order them and we will bring them out to you.

Upon arrival please use the hand sanitizer located inside by the doors.

Please leave extra clothing and student kits in your car.

We prefer not to be handling any cash during this period

Bring your own drinks and snacks as our vending machines will be de-commissioned for the time being.

Bring your own pens, pencils, calculators etc.


Flight Scheduling

Depending on levels of flight activity, some days and time slots may be blocked out.

All flights must be booked through a Winnipeg Aviation staff member. Online bookings may be cancelled for operational reasons.

Time will be required to disinfect a/c between flights therefore flights will be restricted to 1 hour within a 2 hour booking slot. The a/c must be returned at least 30 min. prior to the next time slot.

Aircraft will have staggered departure time slots.

ALL, personnel MUST wear a mask where 2 meter distancing rules cannot be maintained. Students and renter pilots must bring their own masks. Winnipeg Aviation reserves the right to deem any mask as unacceptable. Non-medical grade is satisfactory.

NOTE; CYAV tower is working with reduced staffing therefore they are limiting the number of aircraft in the circuit. Circuit time slots MUST be booked in advance, either through the front desk or your instructor.

Immediate News Release
Canada is currently experiencing a shortage of Commercial pilots. This is, in fact a world wide phenomena. This is due to the large number of aging pilots retiring (expected to continue over the next 5-7 years), the expansion of airline fleets and,...and a lack of interested new students.
If you have given any thought to seeking a career in aviation but don't know where to start- call us now! We can get you started on the  path leading to one of the most rewarding and exciting professional careers there is.

Winnipeg Aviation has been a leader in the flight training community for over 45 years. We value flight safety and professionalism above all else. We believe in demanding the most from our students because flying can be, on occasion, a particularly demanding endeavour, and because you demand the most for your training dollar.

You will not be a nameless face, a numbered person to be thrown into a high volume "pilot production line".

If you believe that bigger is better just remember this. At the end of the day it all comes down to two people- you and your instructor in a rather confined area. Wouldn't you rather fly with a friend? 

At Winnipeg Aviation we choose our instructors as much for their friendly personalities as for their superior flying skills. Great personalities-the one thing we can't teach.




However, we are not fair weather flyers; we will challenge our students to fly in all types of weather; good and bad, rain or snow- because that is real world flying! You will want to maximize your training time and experience, you won't want to spend it on the ground waiting for perfect weather- and we won't let you either.

We will give you more real life flight experiences than most flight schools in Canada can even hope to offer. You will train out of an airport specifically designed for flight training. St. Andrews airport offers 3 runways to maximize your training with and with out cross winds. It has a control tower (with student friendly controllers) to give you the valuable experience needed to work and communicate within the Air Traffic control system. We will take you into Winnipeg International airport to get first hand experience mixing it up with "the big boys". We will take you to small, short, uncontrolled grass strips to learn special procedures, hone your skills and if you've been really good, treat you to a delicious ice cream at a not so secret village landing field.


Our training fleet  consists of 2 Cessna 152's, 1 Piper Cherokee, 1 Piper Warrior  1 Piper Seneca (Multi-engine training), 1 aerobatic Super Decathlon and 2 Transport Canada approved, Flight Training Devices (simulators) including the revolutionary new full motion, Redbird simulator, approved for instrument training and renewal flight tests. Regardless of your pilot training needs, Winnipeg Aviation has the solution for you.

Our rental fleet, for the licenced pilot renter requiring speed and load carrying capability, Winnipeg Aviation has an aircraft to meet most pilot's needs. These include the 4 seat Piper Warrior . Our SUV of the skys- the Cessna 182, offers speed, endurance and load with few compromises.

We offer comprehensive, personalized training covering a complete range of courses: from Recreational permits to Private and Commercial Pilot licenses. We have an experienced staff that can enhance your piloting skills with additional courses such as the, Night Endorsement, Instrument Rating, Multi-engine rating and the Instructor Rating.

Our flight training programs are geared to your personal schedule, which means you decide when and how often you want to fly according to your availability. We are open 7 day a week. If you choose to fly on a full time basis (4-5 days a week), the Private Pilot License (PPL) can be completed in 11-12 weeks(full time and weather permitting). The Commercial PilotLicense (CPL) course in 25-27 weeks -full time and weather permitting (PPL is a pre-requisite- additional hours of experience may be required).



Winnipeg Aviation is a privately owned flight training center located just 15 kilometres north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, at St. Andrews Airport.

So why not Learn to fly in Winnipeg at Winnipeg Aviation!
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